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the reward of BUSD to its holders
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WinBinary is a Binance Smart Chain Dividend Token protocol that rewards BUSD to its holders. The BUSD rewards are reflected from 10% buy and sell tax transactions and weekly manual reward pooled from all the listed utilities development revenue 50% share.


Diverse Ecosystems Win Binary is an ecosystem with 5 different features where the center is our token $WINB. We provide different features using a huge amount of data in our database, where players and users can be rewarded $WINB with a compounding interest, from betting activities to trading options and cryptos.

Safe and Secure

Our system has been encoded to operate mainly in peer-to-peer environments, where you don’t need to worry that someone might be able to control your betting experience. No conspiracy committed!


Simple and Resilience

With an easy-to-operated platform, we hope to bring to you the best experience in betting and sports. We provide to users multiple platforms and multiple options of many famous sports and e-sports. We upgrade and keep track of the system frequently for you.

WIN Features

Staking mining 8% rewards daily Referral bonus 12%
Max 10 times rewarded Supply source of $WINB
LastBuy Jackpot
5 minutes - 10 times profits Reserve funding pool
P2P protocol $WINB betting in famous sports
500,000 traders P2P & DAPPs

Have Any Questions?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context
Q. How many features does Win Binary supply?
A. We supply to casino and betting lovers totally 5 features: Win Miner, Win Crash, LastBuy Jackpot, Win Bet, and Win Trade.
Q. How do I access those features to start staking?
A. Please navigate to the end of this website, you can easily access to those 5 Features at our website ending, or just access: Win Miner (, Win Crash (, LastBuy Jackpot (, Win Bet - coming soon (, and finally Win Trade - coming soon ( You can easily access those features any time and stake or trade any time you want.
Q. What is the main token of this protocol?
A. The main token of Win Binary is $WINB. However, we also support for players and users to stake in BUSD and get rewards in both of the tokens.
Q. Do I get charge on the transaction?
A. Yes, you will pay a small fee for all transactions you deal with on our ecosystem platform. Either that is a buy or sell order, it will cost you 20% of the transaction value. As we charge you 20%, in this, you will pay 10% for Reward in $BUSD, 2.5% for LP, 2.5% for LastBuy Jackpot, 4% for Treasury, and 1% for Burn fee.

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